Camera Selection Guide


Bullet cameras are designed for indoor or outdoor installation, and are recommended for areas where the intention is to let people know they are being watched: such as high-risk areas and parking lots. This type of design is more easily noticed and makes a statement that an area is secured and monitored.


A popular style of camera is the dome type, which comes in many varieties. The standard dome camera is a cost-conscious, indoor-only solution for secured areas such as office space.

Vandal Proof Dome

Vandal-proof dome cameras are shielded to protect against intentional damage and the elements. This style offers picture qualities similar to bullet cameras while maintaining a more subtle look and feel. Vandal proof dome cameras are recommended for locations where high picture quality and night vision is needed without drawing unnecessary attention to the camera system, such as a retail space or restaurant.

Mini Dome

This option is an ultra low-profile vandal proof dome for indoor or outdoor installations. Mini domes are a perfect fit for applications where cameras need to stay hidden or subtle without sacrificing quality in well lit environments.